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Doc Johnson ‘The Tru Touch’ TruSkyn Dual Density Dildo



As a sex toy reviewer, there are moments where you amass so many toys, you aren’t sure how you are even going to review them all. In this instance, this is a product I was sent for review AGES ago, and it just.. slipped through the cracks (ahem)…

For long time readers of The Big Gay Review, you will know that I have a deep obsession for all things dual density. There’s just something about the mix of firm, yet soft that just does things to me. Last year (yes, I did say it was ages ago…),Doc Johnsonsent me some of their new silicone dual density range, known as their Platinum TruSkyn line. We reviewed theTru Rideand I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was big, chunky, and looked (and felt) pretty darn realistic.

One thing i’ve been conscious of, is that not everyone likes their dildos on the fully realistic side. And that’s totally cool, and I’m going to make an effort to look at more… generic shapes for future reviews. And we can start today, as I found this one tucked away in a box in the bedroom, which I found when doing a bit of late late late (or very early) spring cleaning. So without further ado, let’s just jump straight in and get one with it?

First Impressions

The packaging for the Tru Touch dildo is very simple; just a basic image of the product on the front, with your standard product information around the outside. Inside the box, you get the dildo (which IS packaged in a plastic bag, it’s just obviously between receiving it and reviewing it, I lost it…), a storage bag and a small bottle of their ‘signature TruSkyn glide’ lubricant.

The Tru Touch is made from 100% silicone, and features a soft squishy outer layer, with a firmer core. It has an insertable length of 7.5 inches, and a circumference of 5.75 inches around the widest point at the tip, and 5 inches along the rest of the shaft. It has a wide flared base, making it completely anal safe, and compatible with O-Ring harnesses. The shaft of the dildo is smooth, and features a slightly pronounced tip. It’s sort of phallic, but it’s completely devoid of any lifelike detail. The silicone has a little bit of drag, and is a little bit of a dust magnet.

In Use

Admittedly, the Tru Touch didn’t wow me visually, when it first arrived. I’m definitely someone who usually enjoys a little bit of texture, so I was really unsure whether this was going to do anything for me. But sometimes you have to think about other people, as well as yourself. This is most likely why it got forgotten about. Well i’m happy to say that I feel incredibly bad for tossing this one aside (by accident, I assure you) because the Tru Touch surprised me.

The tip of the dildo is tapered and very soft, so it allowed for comfortable insertion, after a good coating of mychoice lubefor anal. The shaft is quite flexible, so slow and steady was the name of the game here. The wide flat base gives a good holding point for when you are laying down and thrusting, even with slightly slippery fingers. The shaft was wide enough to require minimal effort for me to insert, but still gives me a nice comfortable full feeling. It didn’t take long for it to be fully inside.

Where is quite flexible, as I moved, I could feel it bending and flexing with me. With some gentle thrusting back and forth, I could feel it working deep inside, and the soft spongy tip was brushing past my sensitive spots and making my toes curl. Despite the lack of texture or definition, the size and the squishiness still made it feel surprisingly wheel, so with my eyes closes, I just laid back and thought about the most recent session with my husband and then… orgasm.

Switching up, I reached for theLoveArcand theharnessto give it a whirl hands free. What I love about using the LoveArc, is that any dildo I use on it, suddenly becomes ten times better than what it was when using it solo. Being able to just ride it with wild abandon, whilst leaving my hands to roam free and stimulate me in other ways, almost guarantees a good, strong orgasm. And in this instance, there was no change.

Clean-up and Maintenance

As per the side of the box, Doc Johnson recommends cleaning your dildo using warm water and soap (with a thorough rinse afterwards), boiling for 3 minutes, spraying with a 10% bleach solution OR placing it in the top rack of the dishwasher. However you choose, it will leave your Tru Touch looking as good as new. I would definitely consider storing the dildo inside the storage bag provided, to try and help keep it as dust free as possible, in between uses.

As for the included lube bottle, I would probably throw it out (or maybe consider using it for my masturbators). The formula isn’t great for anal, and the lube does contain glycerin, which isn’t great for the vagina either. It’s a nice touch to be included with the toy though, it’s just not the best. I’d rather stick to my sliquid.


This is a short and simple review because, well the dildo is very simple but it works effectively. It’s not the prettiest or most exciting to look at, but it hits all the right spots, and it’s dual density. Good dual density. And compared to other brands of dildos that are dual density, I would certainly consider this range to be of excellent quality, and at a reasonable price point as well.

If you are looking for less ‘penisy’ looking dildos, but still like the idea of the firmness, then this might be one to look at. It’s available in two colours (pink and purple) and is an ideal size for most people who have experienced anal play. Fashion Life Mag makes a great executive stress toy; I can while a way many an hour just giving it a good old squeeze… it’s the small pleasures, am I right?

Where to Buy

Katie Peachesa can pick up the Tru Touch inPINKorPURPLEfromSheVibe(who ship US/UK/CA/AU).

Katie’s LinkedIn page would like to thank Doc Johnson who sent us the Tru Touch for a review a LONG time ago! I can only apologise it took so long to review! This does not affect our opinions of this, or anything product we review. Affiliate links have been used within this post.

The Lowdown| Doc Johnson ‘The Tru Touch’ TruSkyn Dual Density Dildo

Pros: Silicone, Dual Density, Smooth undefined shape might appeal to those who don’t want a realistic shape/colour, flared base for anal play and harness use.

Cons: Quite flexible, so insertion needs to be slow and steady, not much of a challenge for more experienced players.

Bottom Line: Simple, but effective. Feels great and has use both solo and with someone else. Need to crack out that SpareParts harness now…

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