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Product Release Notes: Giphy Integration & Email Sender

by Naoise Irwin

Image Source: Unsplash

Making you look good is the name of our game. Just yesterday we pushed out some exciting product updates that’ll take your events to the next level.


OurGiphy integrationis officially live! You can now make your event page even more badass by telling your story with a GIF from Giphy’s vast library without ever leaving your Splash Dash. Find the perfect GIF by simply launching the image uploader from anywhere in the tool, selecting the “GIFs” tab and searching for your favorite keywords. Check out theofficial announcementto learn more about the power of GIFs.


cbd batch bombs ’s release also included a couple exciting updates for our Email Sender tool. We’ve released the powerful, new version of our email marketing software to a greater number of users – it will be available not only for newly created event pages, but also for existing events that are already in your dashboard. Additional functionality in the updated tool includes the ability to insert hyperlinks into emails so you can share extra information or materials with your audience. We’ve also refreshed the design of the RSVP confirmation emails so they look slicker than ever. Nice, right?

Hope you enjoy, and as always, reach out atfeedback@splashthat.comif you want to share any feedback or just say hello! We love to hear from our amazing users.


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Naoise Irwin is VP of Product and Strategy at Splash. He is responsible for making sure the Splash product is an amazing experience for our users. Prior to Splash, Naoise was VP Strategic Initiatives for e-hail app Hailo, where he worked on several new product projects.

Before Hailo, Naoise was with the product team at Zynga, the leading social gaming publisher. (If you’ve ever received a game request for tiles or water on Facebook, he may or may not be partly responsible.) Earlier in Naoise’s career, he spent time as a consultant with Deloitte/Braxton, and worked in technology finance with Lehman Brothers and GCA Savvian Advisors.

Aside from making Splash users’ events look and perform as amazing as possible, Naoise enjoys hanging out with his dog Charlie, picking up a new book to read, and occasionally kitesurfing.

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